How to Use the Baptist International Program

The Baptist International School of the Scriptures curricula has several uses. We have listed a few below.

The entire curricula are offered free of charge to whosoever desires to study the program and learn more of the doctrine of Christ.

The entire program is intended to be used internationally and in any language. The material is translated into over a hundred languages. It is necessary that men using the program have access to a smart phone or a personal computer with internet access.

Although the work has taken many years of development and hundreds of thousands of hours of study, practice, proving, and documentation; this is nothing compared to the work of Christ that God so freely offers. We are bound by conscience and the word of God to obey Proverbs 24:23, Matthew 10:8, Romans 8:32, and Acts 20:20; and provide the teaching at no charge.

We wholeheartedly encourage the use of our materials in any way that is profitable to the work of Christ.

The Baptist International program requires practical work (I.e., practicum) in addition to class study and writing requirements. Part of this practicum requirements is being involved in the scripture work.

The practicum portion of the program ensures the fulfillment of the non-hypocrisy model of “do and teach” as given by our Savior (Acts 1:1).

Furthermore, this teaching, which follows the order of teaching according to Isaiah 28:9-11, contains both milk and meat, and is designed to benefit all students, from brethren who are new to the word of God to seasoned veterans and the advanced students.

The beauty of the program is that every student learns and is challenged, and consequently, every student will grow. The teacher, being mindful of the maturity of his students, can teach the classes as he is led by the Holy Ghost, teaching each subject at the proper level.

Accordingly, we have seen the benefit of this program being used in these areas:

The B. I. Program can be Used for Personal Study and Research

Any individual can select a syllabus and read it, looking up the passages and learning what he should do in obedience to God’s word. The class titles are descriptive, and a review of the classes offered will likely show some subject considered interesting and profitable to the student.

The B. I. Program can be Used for Continuing Personal Educational Development

Men who want to formally enroll in a university program and earn legitimate degrees, thus improving their personal development, can do so online. They simply enroll and follow the program. If the student is in church leadership (i.e., a pastor, missionary, evangelist, etc.) he is likely fulfilling most of the practicum requirements already, and he may need only small adjustments. If the student is training for the ministry, he will need his pastor’s approval and help, especially in the area of fulfilling the practicum requirements.

Students enrolled in the program will be conferred with degrees as they complete each level. Every enrolled student is tracked, and a student transcript will be maintained by Rhode Island Baptist Seminary.

The B. I. Program can be Used for Teaching others in Various Topical Classes

Any syllabus can be used by a church leader or teacher as class teaching material, for things like a Sunday School class or a special teaching series. There is material for new believers and material for advanced studies. We also provide examples of topical studies that are excellent resources, such as studies on why the King James Version is the inspired word of God, studies on Missions, studies on the family, finances, eschatology, etc.

The B. I. Program can be Used in a Church’s Own Seminary to Prepare Men for the Ministry

One of the primary uses of the program is for independent Baptist churches to create and operate their own seminary or Bible college. If just starting out, the pastor can both learn and teach the program, thus fulfilling two objectives – he earns his degrees and operates a church-authorized seminary. Our hope is that good churches everywhere will take on the responsibility to train their own ministers as they see fit. We provide a proven program to be used as they desire. We believe every Baptist church should have their own seminary.

It is the pastor’s choice whether to handle the administrative portion of tracking his students himself or simply have his students enroll through our seminary.

We are prepared to serve churches desirous of starting their own seminary in any way that would be helpful.

May God bless the work as we glorify him in all things.