Why Choose Us?

There are a multitude of teaching programs available to the people of this world. Many good programs are offered. So, why choose Rhode Island Baptist Seminary?

First, we specialize in teaching faithful men and preparing such men for the ministry. Second, our system is proved. It was created with a world vision, a high vision, and a long vision. It works in any country with any people. It fulfills the Great Commission, and it practices training and reproducing sowers, senders, and the seed. We operate in Christian love, not for lucre.

Third, our system is designed to be taught in Baptist churches. It teaches Bible doctrine and men must be doers of the word.

Because the program is designed to be taught by Baptist churches, we are not the only ones who teach under the designation Baptist International School of the Scriptures. We thank God for all the churches involved in scripture publishing and teaching the School of the Scriptures principles. There are so many only God knows where they all are.

We do not diminish or discourage their works – we praise God for them, for this is the vision for the School of the Scriptures – that independent Baptist Churches worldwide would teach the curricula.

These are the advantages of selecting Rhode Island Baptist Seminary, for the S. O. S. curricula the school offers.

  1. Rhode Island Baptist Seminary has the approved and completed program as authorized by Baptist Christian University International, and as submitted by D. M. Fraser to the university in 1989. Baptist Christian University, Baptist Christian University International, Baptist International, and Louisiana Baptist University, are all universities under the authority of Baptist Tabernacle in Shreveport, LA.
  2. Dr. D. M. Fraser submitted the scripture publishing work as his dissertation for his Ph.D. to Baptist Christian University in 1977. The international office of the university was created for the sole purpose of teaching the S. O. S. curricula.
  3. Rhode Island Baptist Seminary was duly authorized by Baptist Tabernacle and Baptist Christian University International to assume the leadership of the university and keep its curricula for use by future generations.
  4. Rhode Island Baptist Seminary is a ministry of Historic Baptist Church, which was a mission church started out of Baptist Tabernacle in 1991.
  5. Pastor N. Sebastian Desent, who first served as vice-president of Baptist International under D. M. Fraser (president) and J. G. Tharpe (chancellor) was ordained and sent out of Baptist Tabernacle with the commission to start Historic Baptist Church and its seminary and the scripture publishing work.
  6. We have as our vice-president, Dr. Francisco Guerrero, who initiated and led the Spanish S. O. S. program in 1980 at First Baptist Church, Fort Worth, TX, under the leadership of Dr. D. M. Fraser, who was an approved missionary out of that same church.
  7. Both Dr. Francisco Guerrero and Dr. N. S. Desent have their earned doctorate degrees from universities under Baptist Tabernacle in Shreveport, Louisiana.
  8. We have preserved the integrity of the curricula, with the required foundational practicum of do and teach (performance before recognition), the scripture work, by love serving one another, and offering all teaching free of charge.

We have added the following illustration to show the four supporting educational pillars. Of course, we know and understand that it is God who is our ultimate Support, Help, and Guide. We build upon his word by the leadership of his Spirit, all for the Glory of Jesus Christ.

Rhode Island Baptist Seminary has the vision and experience to help churches world-wide to start their own seminaries using our curricula. Our curricula are offered free of charge and the syllabi are available in 100-plus languages using the translation software.

We have entered the new millennium and we expect our Lord’s return is imminent. In the time we have left we should be diligent to occupy and teach all nations. The time to start is now.

The history of the School of the Scriptures dates back to the 1960’s. The teaching was organized so that it can be taught in any country, with any culture, at any time, and in any language. The program is still applicable today.

We have provided a timeline showing the years of development and application of the work: